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The Great Grammar Book

The Great Grammar Book

Illustrated by Jennie Maizels


The Great Grammar Book

About the Book

Turn the wheels, lift the flaps, and pull the tabs to get the lowdown about parts of speech, punctuation, and sentences.

Want to turn grammar into a game? Name the pictures to get a handle on nouns. Spin a wheel to see verbs in action. Flip some flaps and put a few adjectives to work, creating some silly characters in the process. And what do pronouns have to do with looking in a mirror — or prepositions with walking a dog through a pop-up park? There’s nothing fusty about learning the basics of grammar with this jam-packed fun house of a lesson book, republished with a colorful new cover.

Product Details

On sale: October 2, 2018
Age: 7-10 years
Grade: Grades 2-5
Page count: 14 Pages
ISBN: 9780763695750

Author Bio

Kate Petty (1951–2007) was the innovative author of more than two hundred books for children, including fiction, nonfiction, and picture books. Her award-winning pop-up books with illustrator Jennie Maizels and her collaborations with the Eden Project in Cornwall, England, are among her most popular works.

Jennie Maizels is best known for her fun nonfiction books for children, including Pop-Up New York and Pop-Up London, as well as The Terrific Times Tables Book by Kate Perry. Jennie Maizels lives in Hampshire, England.


Every librarian will want one of these.
—New York Journal of Books