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Violet's Music

Violet's Music

Illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith


Violet's Music

About the Book

There's nothing Violet loves more than music, and she plays or sings every chance she gets.  But where are the other kids like her-kids who think and dream music all day long?  As a baby, in kindergarten, at the beach and the zoo, she never gives up looking for companions.  And then one summer day...

Bright, lively, and lyrical, this is a book for kids who march to a different drummer.  Violet's Music sings to us that the right friend is always out there-as long as we keep looking and hoping, and above all, staying true to ourselves.

Product Details

On sale: January 5, 2004
Age: 4-8 years
Grade: Preschool - 3
Page count: 32 Pages
ISBN: 9780803727403

Author Bio

Angela Johnson’s previous picture books include the Coretta Scott King Honor Book When I Am Old With You and the ALA Notable Book Julius.
Laura Huliska-Beith received a Marion Vannett Ridgway Honor for The Book of Bad Ideas.