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How Do You Feel?

How Do You Feel?


How Do You Feel?

About the Book

Do you feel happy? Sad? Silly? Angry? This simple book helps children and parents talk about feelings, and includes a Feelings Faces Poster!

With simple, sparse language, and bright, expressive illustrations, Lizzy Rockwell introduces very young readers to a wide range of emotions. Detailed art encourages identification and discussion of the different characters' emotional reactions, and serves as a springboard for discussion on emotional intelligence, self-regulation, and coping skills.

The playground is the perfect place to witness lots of different feelings! A girl is happy when playing with a puppy. Another girl is angry when a boy knocks over her drink. And the boy is sorry.

Readers will learn to identify feelings in themselves and in others in this simple, but clever book by a prominent preschool nonfiction author-illustrator. Beautiful, detailed spreads show panoramic views of the playground action, while close-ups focus on specific incidents, body language, and facial expressions. The sparse text encourages children to describe the action and tell the story themselves, using context clues in the art and their own understanding of the emotions portrayed.

Turn the dust jacket around for a beautiful Feelings Faces poster, which collects the emotions portrayed in the book in one long spread!

Product Details

On sale: September 24, 2019
Age: 3-5 years
Grade: Up to Kindergarten
Page count: 32 Pages
ISBN: 9780823440511

Author Bio

Lizzy Rockwell was inspired to create a picture book about emotional health through her visits to the Adam J. Lewis Preschool.

She has been Grand Rounds Lecturer at Yale Child Study Center (2016 and 2017), was keynote speaker at the University of Findlay Mazza Museum (2016), has delivered staff development workshops at Action for Bridgeport Community Development, the Early Childhood Resource Center at the New Haven Children's Museum (2017 and 2019), and Cooperative Educational Services, Trumbull, CT (2015), and has addressed the distinguished educators of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society (2018).

The daughter of highly acclaimed children's book author and illustrator Anne Rockwell and art director and illustrator Harlow Rockwell, Lizzy has illustrated more than thirty children's books, some of which she also wrote.

"Knowing how important self-awareness and empathy are to success in all areas of life, I wanted to do a book that would be a helpful tool to parents, teachers, and most especially children.

"Most of our emotional life is affected by non-verbal communication. By limiting the language of the text, I was able to highlight that non-verbal communication. I was able to show narrative scenes that children would interpret on their own so they could make their own predictions and relate to each scene from their own point of view.

"When these events are happening in real time, it is so hard to stop and analyze what is happening. But the beauty of a picture book is, we can stop time and step back and gain understanding."


"By highlighting each emotion separately and giving appropriate focus to the face of the child feeling the emotion, with the corresponding circumstantial scene on the opposite page, Rockwell gives space for readers to talk about why the characters are feeling that way. Facial clues such as blushed cheeks, tears, and furrowed brows help readers learn to infer emotions from expressions. Important work for children learning empathy and to validate their own feelings." —Kirkus Reviews
"The short text and lucid acrylic paintings in this open-ended picture book invite exploration of the visual narratives along with discussion of emotions. Thoughtfully designed, deceptively simple, and clearly useful."Booklist