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The Jolley-Rogers and the Pirate Piper

The Jolley-Rogers and the Pirate Piper

Illustrated by Jonny Duddle


The Jolley-Rogers and the Pirate Piper

About the Book

Ahoy there, landlubbers! Join Jim Lad, Matilda, and the Jolley-Rogers as they attempt to rescue the children from the piper in their swashbuckling fourth adventure.

One morning the residents of Dull-on-Sea wake up to find their town is overrun — with rats! Big rats, small rats, fierce rats, hungry rats . . . It’s an infestation! Just when everyone is at their wits' end, a nautical stranger who plays the pipe turns up and offers to get rid of the rodent problem for a fee. But once the rats are gone, the greedy mayor of Dull-on-Sea refuses to pay — so the Pirate Piper plays an enchanted tune and leads the children away. Can Jim, Matilda, and Nugget save their friends?

Product Details

On sale: August 4, 2020
Age: 6-9 years
Grade: Grades 1-4
Page count: 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781536212365

Author Bio

Jonny Duddle is the author-illustrator of the hugely successful picture books The Pirates Next Door, The Pirate Cruncher, and Gigantosaurus, which is now a television show on Disney Jr. He was also a character designer for Aardman Animation’s Academy Award–nominated film The Pirates! Jonny Duddle lives in Wales with his wife and children.