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I'm a Unicorn

I'm a Unicorn

Illustrated by Helen Yoon


I'm a Unicorn

About the Book

What happens when a one-horned calf with impeccable logic is convinced they’re a unicorn? Helen Yoon spins an endearing comedy of self-determination for gigglers everywhere.

“See?” cries the calf. “Uni means one, and corn means horn!” Even their baby picture proves it: they were born with one horn! But as the eager little calf continues their research, a budding identity crisis arises when they realize they don’t quite check all the boxes—should a certain lack of moonlight sparkle or silky mane or rainbow poop decide the issue. Perhaps some unexpected encouragement from a pack of “real” unicorns might be just the assurance they need? Helen Yoon, the comic talent behind Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover) and the anarchic Off-Limits, returns with a clarion call for self-doubters everywhere to embrace who they are—unicorn or otherwise.

Product Details

On sale: September 20, 2022
Age: 3-7 years
Grade: Preschool - 2
Page count: 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781536219760
Reading level: Fountas/Pinnell: K

Author Bio

Helen Yoon is a professional illustrator and a freelance concept designer. She attended ArtCenter College of Design and the University of California, Irvine. She is the author-illustrator of Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover), her debut picture book, and Off-Limits. Helen Yoon lives in the Los Angeles area.


Yoon’s art is simple but effective, with the wide-eyed calf and their heavily tabbed research book set against clean white backgrounds, and when the unicorns finally make their appearance, they bring a riot of color and glitter. . . a reminder that you don’t need sparkles to be fabulous (though rainbow poop does help).
—The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (starred review)

Clever. . . [a] conversation starter on acceptance and openness.
—Kirkus Reviews

Just when you think all the unicorn stories have been done, Yoon comes along with this gem. . . . White-page backgrounds amplify Yoon’s simple but highly expressive and hilarious illustrations, and kids will cackle throughout Cow’s dramatic emotional journey.

The narrator of this book makes an adorable entrance through the initial pages: first its horn, then its ears, then the top of its head before declaring “I’m a unicorn.” But are they? . . . Yoon’s artwork is vibrant and expressive. Her small protagonist may not be as sparkly as the other elegant unicorns, but they are chock full of personality.
—School Library Journal

Sure, this unicorn might be a little short on sparkling, twinkling and having teardrops that turn into lollipops, but with a little help this one-horned wonder achieves its destiny, as a ... well, readers will just have to decide for themselves.
—The Virginian Pilot

This unique, humorous take definitely stands out. . . Along with some big laughs (did I mention the rainbow poop?) this book has a powerful message of openness and acceptance of differences.
—Book Riot