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A Bedtime Hug for You!

A Bedtime Hug for You!

With soft arms for real HUGS!

Illustrated by Dawn Machell

Board Book

A Bedtime Hug for You!

About the Book

This sweet bedtime book, which features soft felt arms, is the perfect way for little ones to help the animals give hugs to their babies.

This adorable board book, which features felt arms and gentle rhyming text, is the perfect way to end the day with a special little one. Toddlers can help Daddy Monkey, Mommy Sheep, and more animals give their babies a hug before bed. Finger holes in the back of the book allow children to manipulate the arms to give hugs.
Simple text and soft illustrations show the adult and baby animal ending a day at the park, reading books before bed, and snuggling under the covers. This is the perfect way for parents or caregivers to send their little ones off to sleep. 

Product Details

On sale: September 13, 2022
Age: 2-5 years
Grade: Up to Kindergarten
Page count: 10 Pages
ISBN: 9781664350335

Author Bio

Samantha Sweeney's favorite thing about writing and editing children's books is marveling at how much can be said in so few words. She lives in London in a tall house with a lot of stairs and comes up with some of her best ideas while she's on her way to the kitchen to make strong cups of tea. Her other great passion is soccer, and she is a dedicated supporter of a team that doesn't win very often.

Dawn Machell has been drawing for many different children's products for more than 30 years. She branched out into children's book illustration in 2014, and it's now her very favorite thing to do. She lives in West Yorkshire and works from her home studio while snacking on cheese and chocolate and dreaming of sunshine.