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10 Things I Love About You!

10 Things I Love About You!

Illustrated by Grace Habib

Board Book

10 Things I Love About You!

About the Book

This adorable board book celebrates the special love between a parent and child while introducing the numbers 1 through 10 and features a touch-and-feel texture on the cover and throughout the book.

In this sweet offering, a young child describes 10 reasons why they love their parent. The most special days feature time spent playing together; the happy smiles that they share; the hugs that are given; the cakes that are baked; the lullabies that are sung before bed; and so much more!
This joyful celebration of a child's love for their parent features touch-and-feel textures to explore on every page and introduces children to the numbers 1 through 10. 

Product Details

On sale: November 1, 2022
Age: 2-5 years
Grade: Up to Kindergarten
Page count: 22 Pages
ISBN: 9781664350373

Author Bio

Danielle McLean is a children's book editor who lives in South London, England. When she's not writing and editing children's books, she can be found in a ballet class pursuing her other childhood dream.

Grace Habib started out at a greeting card company as a children's card designer. Soon after, she found her passion as a children’s illustrator. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, and visiting local bakeries and coffee shops. Her favorite baked good is a chocolate croissant. Grace lives in Cleveland, Ohio.


How does a child love a parent? This sunny touch-and-feel board book follows one kid who counts the ways. Via rhyming stanzas, a light-brown-skinned child sporting curly pigtails tells their parent the reasons why “I love you bigger than the world.” Coming in at number two, “I love that you know all the games!/ What will we do today?/ I’ll dress up as a doctor/ and make boo-boos go away,” as Habib’s cheerful, gently rounded artwork shows the pair playing dress up and giving some stuffies a proper checkup. And reason number four, “I love the way you’re there for me;/ you never let me down,” accompanies a scene of the on-the-spot parent applying a bandage after a scooter dustup. A tender and joy-filled volume that provides affirmations around parental care. (Ages 2-5) --Publishers Weekly