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How to Draw Kawaii Animals in Simple Steps

How to Draw Kawaii Animals in Simple Steps


How to Draw Kawaii Animals in Simple Steps

About the Book

Draw 28 amazingly cute kawaii-style animals in just 8 easy stages.

Kawaii is a Japanese word meaning 'super-cute', and it's a trend that's sweeping the globe. Anything can be drawn in the kawaii style, from animals, people, vegetables and flowers to food, vehicles and household items. Here, expert comic book and manga artist Yishan Li shows you how to draw amazingly adorable animals in just a few simple steps. Draw the cutest rabbit you've ever seen, a playful panda, koala, fox, sheep and more. There are 28 different drawings to choose from, all full of personality and bubbling over with charm. Each one is developed in 8 easy stages from a rough sketch of the basic shapes through to the finished, coloured drawing, making this book suitable for adults and children of all ages and abilities.

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On sale: September 22, 2020
Page count: 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781782219187

Author Bio

Yishan Li is a professional Manga artist who lives in Shanghai. Yishan has been drawing Manga since 1998 when she was in high school and she has subsequently been published internationally including China, North America, France and the UK. Her books are published by Top Cow, DC, Darkhorse, Random house, Titan comics, Delcourt and Dargaud and bestsellers from Search Press. ​Visit her website www.liyishan.com.


Drawing instruction books, perennially popular in library collections, succeed when they enable the reader to experience some degree of instant gratification. This assortment of kawaii (cute) animals provides eight steps for each creature, with a color-coded progression that guides the reader in distinguishing each step from the next. These eight in-progress illustrations are the only instruction given, aside from a few sentences of basic information regarding sketching, inking, and coloring provided in the introduction. The drawings start with very basic shapes that form the rough outline of each of 28 animals, and then add from there. The sketch moves from a very basic outline in step six to a detailed outline in step seven to a fully colored finished product in step eight, so the fine details that really make a drawing come alive will be up to readers to copy or embellish. Comics and manga fans may recognize the author, and though these animals are much less detailed than her other work, there is much here to be learned from this expert.
— Anne Heidemann Booklist 2020