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The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs

The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs

70+ Teen-Tested and Teen-Approved Recipes to Cook, Eat and Share


The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs

About the Book

For the first time ever, America’s Test Kitchen Kids is bringing their rigorous testing, kitchen knowhow, and hands-on learning to teenagers in the kitchen. Fiercely independent and searching for culinary adventure, teen chefs are ready for exciting, global recipes made to share with friends and family—with the support of fundamental kitchen techniques and approachable instruction. Set for release on March 1, 2022, The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs offers just that, filled with over 70 recipes that have been tested and approved by thousands of teens from across the country.

Whether a teen is looking to make Tik Tok-worthy sticky buns or a simple egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches before school, The Complete Cookbook for Teenage Chefs has something for everyone. With recipes ranging from Biang Biang Mian (Hand-Pulled Noodles) to Steak Tacos with Charred Corn Salsa, Arepas to Congee, French Fries and Cheeseburger Sliders to Apple-Cider Donuts, this book features helpful sidebars to ensure that teens can learn more about why a recipe works, and how to take their recipes to the next level.

Product Details

On sale: March 1, 2022
Age: 13-17 years
Grade: Grades 8-12
Page count: 208 Pages
ISBN: 9781948703956

Author Bio

America’s Test Kitchen has been teaching home cooks how to be successful in the kitchen for 25 years. The mission of America’s Test Kitchen Kids is to build a new generation of empowered cooks, engaged eaters, and curious experimenters. Through cookbooks, picture books, board books, podcast, website, and a subscription box program, America’s Test Kitchen Kids’ kid-tested, kid-approved recipes and hands-on STEAM activities inspire families to spend quality time together in the kitchen, and a lifetime of tasty cooking. To learn more visit www.americastestkitchen.com/kids.


"A comprehensive cookbook designed for and tested by teen cooks.
According to the introduction, not only did thousands of teens test these recipes in their own home kitchens, but each recipe was only included in the book if at least 80% of the testers considered it a keeper... The layout is crisp and clear, starting with ingredients and their prep, with required equipment highlighted for easy visibility. Special techniques, such as how to stem kale, are given in boxed sidebars, sometimes with photographs, and possible ingredient substitutions are both recommended and (where necessary) warned against. The front of the book offers tips on how to get started, covers elements of kitchen safety, and illustrates common techniques and equipment. The recipes themselves are tagged beginner, intermediate, advanced, and vegetarian (but not vegan). Each dish starts from basic, whole ingredients—no canned soup here—and the text often gives suggestions for how cooks can personalize or expand on it. Bright photographs show racially diverse young people and showcase the mouthwatering array of dishes.
Top-notch recipes for junior top chefs.
(photo credits, conversions and equivalents, nutritional information, index) (Nonfiction. 12-18)" -- Kirkus

"In addition to including such teen favorites as cheeseburger sliders, French fries, anddoughnuts, this cookbook, touted as “teen tested and teen approved” by America’s TestKitchen, offers cultural and vegetarian options, like congee, arepas, chana makhana,and tofu bowls... Each recipe includes jargon-free, step-by-step directions with equipment highlighted in yellow foreasy reference, special tips for success, photos of potentially tricky steps, andsuggested variations. Cultural, historical, and culinary notes, such as the popularity ofonigri (rice balls) as a Japanese snack and why pizza pockets stay crisp on the outsideand gooey in the middle, increase relevancy and interest. Charts with conversions andequivalents and recipe stats (calories, fats, sugars, etc.) conclude this fun and friendly guide for teen foodies." -- Booklist