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The Delish Kids (Super-Awesome, Crazy-Fun, Best-Ever) Cookbook

The Delish Kids (Super-Awesome, Crazy-Fun, Best-Ever) Cookbook

100+ Amazing Recipes

Edited by Delish


The Delish Kids (Super-Awesome, Crazy-Fun, Best-Ever) Cookbook

About the Book

The ultimate learn-how-to-cook book filled with 100+ amazing, easy-to-follow recipes for every occasion plus helpful kitchen tricks to inspire young cooks ages 8 to 12
This best-ever kids’ cookbook from Delish is filled with recipes that make cooking so much fun. Throughout young chefs will learn basic skills, like how to make the gooey grilled cheese (the secret: use a waffle iron!) and upgrade your favorite store-bought foods (Chicken Nuggets! Woohoo!). Chapters include recipes for breakfast (Banana Split Oatmeal!), snacks (Cool Ranch Chickpeas!), lunches and dinners (Chorizo Tacos, Hot Dog Cubanos, and Best-Ever Fettucine Alfredo… do we need to say more?!), and party eats. Plus, two whole chapters include restaurant copycat recipes and desserts and snacks inspired by beloved pop culture characters.
Recipes also include:
·      English Muffin Pizzas
·      Spaghetti Lo Mein
·      Edible Cookie Dough
·      Mason Jar Ice Cream
·      Chili Cheese Dog Casserole
·      Zucchini Tots
·      Mini Boston Cream Pies
·      BBQ Chicken Pizza
·      Mango Lassi Smoothie Bowl
·      Perfect Fudgy Brownies 
·      Holiday Cookie Pops
·      and many more!
Each recipe shows the equipment young chefs will need and how easy (or challenging) a dish is to make. Helpful tips, step-by-step photos, and simple instructions clearly explain methods and techniques. Plus, color photographs, fun facts about the cultural history of dishes and special family recipes contributed by grandmas across the country make this book the ultimate gift.

Product Details

On sale: August 31, 2021
Age: 8-12 years
Grade: Grades 3-7
Page count: 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781950785438

Author Bio

Joanna Saltz is the Editorial Director of Delish, which she relaunched with her team in 2015. She is also the author of Delish Eat Like Every Day's the Weekend, Delish Insane Sweets, and Delish Ultimate Cocktails. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children.

Delish is the fastest growing food website, with more than 48M monthly views. Every week Delish publishes hundreds of stories, videos and recipes that are some of the most engaged with content on the Internet. The Delish motto is, "Come for the food, stay for the fun."


"A great choice for any library or home cookbook shelf! It would also make an excellent gift for aspiring chefs."
—School Library Journal

“I love this book because it’s so easy to use and recipes are really fun. I’ve already made like five things from it but I want to make A LOT more. I’ll probably make everything from the Sweet chapter.”
—Jo Saltz’s daughter, Everett, Age 8

"Wow this looks good, I want to make all of these! The recipes I most want to try are the FamousChocolate Chip Cookies, the Mango Lassi Smoothie Bowl, the Perfect Pizza (but not the green leaves) and Captain’s Cookie Cake because it looks cool! Everything looks so good I want to eat the book!"
—Jonah, Age 5

"Yes! I want my mom to make a lot of this. For the Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese I would fill the holes with tomato soup. I think I can make the Edible Cookie Dough by myself so I could eat it all by myself! And the Sugar Cookie Truffles look too good to leave out for Santa.”
—Milo, Age 9

"The Leprechaun Shake looks way yummier than the green smoothies my mom makes, and I can tell the Perfect Pizza is good because of the blobs of cheese."
—Elliot, Age 7

"SOUR. PATCH. GRAPES. ‘Mom, we just need some sugar and we're gonna make this today.’ (Sigh) I wanna make allll of it."
—Viola, Age 8

"FRUITY PEBBLES! The Fruity Pebbles French Toast with whipped cream looks so delicious. I need to make it for my birthday. We need to get all the ingredients for the Banana Split Oatmeal someday cause we need to make that! Oh and Chocolate Chip Muffins ... yesyesyesyes!"
—Lillian, Age 5

"The recipes are really easy to follow. I wouldn’t have thought of some of these on my own.”
—Jack, Age 11

“The cover is very fun and it draws you in. I love the chapter titles  made with foods. I like the beginner to pro scale – it’s super helpful and it makes it very fun. My first impression of the recipes is that they’re awesome! I love the non-over complicated instruction format. It’s super easy for kids to quickly understand. I like the history segments because I like learning random facts. Peanut butter pancakes? OMG!!! English Muffin Pizzas – oh my gosh! Cinnamon Sugar Chips?! YUM! These recipes are so clever. Edible Cookie Dough?! OMG!!! Mason Jar Ice Cream sounds amazing – I’ve always wanted to make ice cream but it’s never been easy enough. The recipes are super clever and enticing."
—Annika, Age 10