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Bookshelf Must-Have:
Coding Games in Scratch

by the Brightly Editors

Illustration: popmarleo, iStock

For our latest Bookshelf Must-Have pick, we’re talking tech. Our selection, which is just right for late elementary and middle school readers, is a fun, hands-on book to get kids started with coding and computer programming.

  • Why You Need Coding Games in Scratch

  • Coding Games in Scratch

    by Jon Woodcock

    Google Co-Founder Larry Page started playing with computers when he was six. By the time Steve Jobs was 10, he was already deeply involved in electronics. Bill Gates started coding at 13. Might you have a budding computer programmer in your house too? Find out! Empower your techie to take the reins at the computer and take screen time to the next level with Coding Games in Scratch.

    Written for 8- to 12-year-olds with little to no coding experience, Coding Games in Scratch by Dr. Jon Woodcock helps kids create games to play with their friends while teaching them problem solving, computer programming, communication, and collaboration skills. Coding Games in Scratch is full of exercises (all with friendly step-by-step guidance) to get them started with Scratch, a free, readily-available and easy to use coding language. Think of it as putting together various mini-jigsaw puzzles with the computer to create games they’re excited to play because they invented them! Making their own games and characters is an engaging and safe activity they can do on their own, with friends, or a combination of the two. Plus, they'll be too busy having a good time to realize you're supporting their STEM education. If only broccoli (and everything else that was good for them) could be so much fun...