Bookshelf Must-Have:
Goodnight, Numbers

by the Brightly Editors

Illustration: popmarleo, iStock

A sweet and soothing bedtime story that also teaches math fundamentals? Yes, please! Our new Bookshelf Must-Have pick is a nifty, numbers-filled tale that scores a 10!

  • Why You Need: Goodnight, Numbers

  • Goodnight, Numbers

    by Danica McKellar, illustrated by Alicia Padrón

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    "Numbers are around us, like really good friends," writes Danica McKellar in Goodnight, Numbers. Her charming bedtime book is filled with gentle, rhyming text, inviting illustrations, tot-friendly scenes — and lots and lots of numbers cleverly snuck in! McKellar, an internationally recognized mathematician and mom (who you may know from her days on "The Wonder Years"), is a passionate advocate for math education and a bestselling author of math books for middle school and high school readers. In Goodnight, Numbers, she introduces math concepts to toddlers and preschoolers in a completely approachable, fun way: Little ones get ready for bed by saying goodnight to three wheels on the tricycle, four paws on the kitty cat, six sides on the blocks. McKellar and illustrator Alicia Padrón have cleverly assembled each page, presenting numbers in all kinds of ways, with plenty of objects kids can find and count on every page. Kids will make new discoveries with each re-reading and parents will find it easy to extend the ideas of the book to everyday objects around them, reinforcing the idea that math is familiar not frightening. A great addition to the bedtime routine that might just become your number one!

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