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Bookshelf Must-Have:
Little Excavator

by the Brightly Editors

Bookshelf Must Have: Little Excavator by Anna Dewdney
Illustration: popmarleo, iStock

A little digger who’ll scoop up your heart! Our new Bookshelf Must-Have pick is a story straight from the construction site that’s perfect for vehicle-lovers and any kid who knows what it’s like to be little in a big world. With fun-to-read rhymes and a sweet ending, this one is sure to take a starring turn in your read-aloud rotation.

  • Why You Need: Little Excavator

  • Little Excavator

    by Anna Dewdney

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    Beloved for her Llama Llama books and praised for her excellent ear for rhyme and warm, inviting illustrations, Anna Dewdney was a standout in the world of children's literature. Her talents live on in her stories, and we readers are fortunate to be able to discover new ones, like Little Excavator, one of Dewdney's final books. Little Excavator, or Little E, wants to help the big rigs with their very important work. But try as he might to Whammm! like 'Dozer and Drroooom! like Dump Truck, he can't. He's just too small. But just when it seems like there's no place for someone his size, Little E finds a job that fits him just right. With construction vehicles a-plenty, rhymes and sounds that are tailor-made for reading aloud, and a story bursting with Dewdney's signature empathy and charm, this one is sure to be a hit with the preschool set and their parents.

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