Bookshelf Must-Have:
The Beauty That Remains

by the Brightly Editors

Illustration: popmarleo, iStock

YA is filled with excellent swoon-worthy romances, fast-paced adventure stories, and mysteries just waiting to be solved. But sometimes you need a book so deeply moving that it rips apart your literary heart before building it back together — and leaves you all the better for it. This month’s Bookshelf Must-Have pick, The Beauty That Remains, is that book.

You’ll want to keep the tissues handy for this one. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

  • Why You’ll Want: The Beauty That Remain

  • The Beauty That Remains

    by Ashley Woodfolk

    Autumn’s best friend was in a fatal car accident, Shay’s twin sister succumbed to the cancer she’d been fighting, and Logan’s ex-boyfriend took his own life — recent events that have left the three teens’ lives in turmoil as they struggle to cope with their grief. In an attempt to hold on to those they’ve lost, each uses technology to connect with their loved ones. But in the end, it will take the love and support of those still living, and a shared passion for music, to begin mending their broken hearts.

    With a wonderfully diverse cast of characters, Ashley Woodfolk’s debut teen novel offers a beautifully written, utterly heart-wrenching, and stunningly realistic account of three individual experiences with grief and healing. YA readers who enjoy stories packed with emotion will love every word and devour every page of The Beauty That Remains.