Growing Reader

Bookshelf Must-Have:
The Lost Picnic

by the Brightly Editors

Illustration: popmarleo, iStock

Looking for a book that’s as beautiful as it is fun? A playful read adults will enjoy as much as their kids? Our latest Bookshelf Must-Have pick is just that book. A modern seek-and-find in the tradition of I Spy, it’s one you’ll love looking at again and again.

  • Why You Need: The Lost Picnic

  • The Lost Picnic

    Seek-and-find books are reading fun for the whole family and B.B. Cronin's The Lost Picnic is a stunning standout. In the book, Grandad is taking his grandchildren on a picnic. He's tied a picnic basket to the top of his car, but when they arrive at the picnic spot, they find that all the food has fallen out along the way. Readers are asked to help the family find the missing foods so they can enjoy their picnic. Each page presents a new and gorgeous illustration and new items to find. Be forewarned that you'll likely spend quite a bit of time staring at each spread, both because the missing foods are very cleverly hidden and because the illustrations are so dazzling. Each one is bursting with bright color, amazing details, and lots of fun things to look at. And if you or your kiddos can't find the item in question, not to worry. There's plenty more for the eyes to enjoy. The oversized book with its die-cut cover makes a great gift or stylish addition to your own bookshelves.