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Bookshelf Must-Have:
Unlock Your Imagination

by the Brightly Editors

Illustration: popmarleo, iStock

Searching for ways to keep your children entertained and learning throughout the chillier months? Look no further! Our latest Bookshelf Must-Have pick is an activity book that’s packed with imagination-building, boredom-busting projects and games for kids.

  • Why You Need: Unlock Your Imagination

  • Unlock Your Imagination: More Than 250 Boredom Busters

    by DK

    Unlock Your Imagination is filled with awesome activities that aim to get children thinking, creating, and moving without screens. Readers can choose from a wide range of hands-on projects (256, to be exact!) that are tailor-made to beat boredom and transform everyday household items into opportunities for endless imagination. The book’s prompts have clear instructions and lots of bright pictures for kids to reference, and include activities such as: putting on a puppet show, assembling a healthy snack (and composting the leftovers), drawing a map, making a snow globe, creating a flip book, and much, much more. At the back of the book, young readers will find a pocket that includes everything they need to play checkers, chess, and snakes and ladders. This is the book you’ll want to turn to when your kids have some downtime at home or on the road.

    Unlock Your Imagination provides children with an endless source of fun all year long — no matter where they are!