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Growing Reader

Brightly Storytime:
My Friend Maggie

by the Brightly Editors

Welcome to a new installment of Brightly Storytime, our video series for kids. We’re reading along with Hannah E. Harrison’s My Friend Maggie, a sweet story about a friendship put to the test by bullying. Paula and Maggie have been friends forever — but that starts to change when Veronica starts picking on Maggie for being too big and clumsy. Suddenly Paula begins to notice all the things that Veronica says are wrong with Maggie and goes off to play with Veronica instead. When Veronica eventually turns on Paula, it’s Maggie who shows her what it truly means to be a loyal friend.

Want to get a behind-the-scenes look at My Friend Maggie? Check out Brightly’s Q&A with author Hannah E. Harrison, in which she discusses the book and the complex dynamics of early friendships.