Growing Reader

Brightly Storytime:
Ten Magic Butterflies

by the Brightly Editors

Welcome to Brightly Storytime, our read-along video series for kids! Today we’re diving into Ten Magic Butterflies, an entertaining, educational story written by Danica McKellar and illustrated by Jennifer Bricking, and this special installment of Brightly Storytime is read by none other than the author herself! An internationally recognized mathematician and advocate for math education, Danica McKellar makes math fun, accessible, and a bit magical for kids. In Ten Magic Butterflies, a sweet fairy makes dreams come true for 10 little flowers who long to fly. One by one, the fairy grants their wishes by turning them into beautiful butterflies — and with each turn of the page, young readers are introduced to adding, subtracting, and the many ways to make groups of 10. Featuring lustrous illustrations and a delightful message about being true to oneself, Ten Magic Butterflies is an enchanting way to get little readers interested in math.

Will the flowers find that flying is all they imagined it would be? Read along to find out!

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