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Growing Reader

Brightly Storytime:
We’re Amazing 1,2,3!

by the Brightly Editors


In this very special installment of Brightly Storytime, our read-along video series for kids, we welcome two amazing friends: Abby and Julia from Sesame Street! Ms. Linda shares her favorite word with the girls before reading We’re Amazing 1,2,3!, a delightful Big Golden Book by Leslie Kimmelman with illustrations by Mary Beth Nelson. In the story, we learn that Elmo has been friends with Julia since they were really little. When Elmo and Julia meet Abby on the playground, Elmo helps Abby to understand why Julia, who has autism, acts a little differently. A wonderful introduction to autism for young readers and joyous reminder to celebrate our differences!

Learn more about Sesame Street’s newest friend from author Leslie Kimmelman.