Celebrating Black Authors Past and Present: Favorite Reads and
Soon-to-Be Classics for Young Readers

This February, The Brown Bookshelf will launch its 10th “28 Days Later” campaign. An annual celebration of debut, trailblazing, and “under-the-radar” Black authors and illustrators in the world of children’s literature, 28 Days Later has offered a decade of in-depth profiles and behind-the-scenes looks at these creators and their work. Year-round, The Brown Bookshelf advocates for the need for what Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop called “mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors,” and for the representation of the infinite stories Black creators have to tell. Here, five Brown Bookshelf team members reflect on favorite 28 Days Later moments of the past, and tell us what they’re looking forward to reading in 2017.

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