The David Sibley Birds Coloring Sheets

by the Brightly Editors

David Sibley is a leading ornithologist, with his book, The Sibley Guide to Birdswhich he authored and illustrated, serving as one of the most comprehensive guides to North American birds. If your child loves bird watching, or if you’re simply looking for a new activity to fill the long days of summer, these five coloring sheets — drawn by Sibley himself — are the perfect fit. From the African penguin to the green jay, kids can color in the drawings and learn a bit more about these fascinating creatures below.

  • African Penguin

    At Brightly, we’re quite fond of penguins! Like other penguins, the African penguin is a flightless bird with a streamlined body and flippers ideal for diving and swimming. But unlike other penguins, the African penguin has distinctive pink patches above the eyes and a black facial mask. Kids can color in this endangered species, and — if they’re interested in learning how to draw an African penguin — follow along with David Sibley’s directive drawing video.

  • Great Blue Heron

    It’s possible you or the children in your life have seen a great blue heron in the wild, as they are common near open water and wetlands in North and Central America — as well as in the Caribbean and Galápagos Islands. Great blue herons stand at between three and four feet tall, and have a wingspan of five to six feet! These birds are marked by their grey-blue feathers, red-brown thighs, all white face, and black and white streaks down their front. However they color in this majestic bird, it’s sure to be beautiful!

  • Green Jay

    Green jays are vibrant in color, with black and blue heads and yellow-green feathers. These birds are significantly smaller than the great blue heron, typically measuring between 10 and 11 inches. Green jays are found in Central America, but are also sometimes spotted in southern Texas. Sharpen their brightest colored pencils for this radiant bird!

  • Brown Pelican

    It’s very likely kids have seen a brown pelican at the beach, as they’re known for being divers. Found on both coasts of the Americas, these birds have a white head with yellow coloring on the crown and brown feathers. Though the brown pelican is the smallest of nine pelican species, it’s still substantial in size — with a wingspan of six to seven feet. The brown pelican is also the national bird of Saint Martin, Barbados, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and the Turks and Caicos islands, as well as the state bird of Louisiana.

  • Hummingbird

    Kids will delight in coloring this drawing of two hummingbirds about to snack on the nectar from some tubular flowers. David Sibley has drawn one hummingbird from the side and one hummingbird from the front, showing just how much power is packed into their wings! Though hummingbirds tend to only be three to five inches in length, their wings flap at 12 to 80 beats per second — depending on the size of the bird. Hummingbirds vary widely in color, so kids can use their imaginations to create this masterpiece!