Walking in a Bookish Wonderland:
A December Reading Challenge
for Kids

by Iva-Marie Palmer

Illustration credit: Lena L/Shutterstock

As the year’s end rolls in and holiday excitement takes over, there’s no better feeling than taking some time out and getting cozy with a book. This December, take the opportunity to celebrate your year in reading. (See one of the suggestions below for a one way to do this.) Send a thank you into the universe for the wonderful adventures you’ve had with books, and enjoy these challenge ideas while you get ready for a brand-new year filled with reading.

  • Read a book about a winter sport.
  • Ask a Librarian: Visit your local library and ask a librarian, “What are some of your favorite books published this year for readers my age?” Then check one out!
  • Read a book about a holiday you don’t celebrate at home.
  • Celebrate National Short Story Day, December 21, by exploring an anthology or collection of short stories and using it as inspiration to write your own short story.
  • Try reading a book aloud to the tune of your favorite winter song, such as “Jingle Bells” or “Winter Wonderland.”
  • Think ahead: What’s something you want to learn more about in the New Year? Read a book on that topic to get a jump start!
  • Read a book while wrapped in a favorite blanket. Add a cup of hot cocoa if you’d like.
  • Think about all the books you’ve read this year and choose your favorite. Flip through it one more time and ask yourself, “What made it feel special?”
  • Read a book by an author who has a first or last name that starts with the same letter as yours.
  • Gather up old books you no longer read and donate them to those in need. (Visit Brightly to get ideas on where to donate your books.)

Download a printable version of this reading challenge below.

December Reading Challeng for Kids
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