Girls Rule! Famous Women in History — A Printable Quiz for Tweens

by Paula Manzanero

This quiz is based on the on the Who Was? books, a New York Times bestselling Grosset & Dunlap series for children ages 8–11. You can access the printable version of this quiz below.


1. I was both the wife and the mother of a U.S. President.
Queen Victoria / Abigail Adams / Susan B. Anthony

2. I mysteriously disappeared in 1937.
Eleanor Roosevelt / Helen Keller / Amelia Earhart

3. As a black child living in the South, I could not attend school with white children.
Anne Frank / Rosa Parks / Michelle Obama

4. As a young girl, I dreamt of living among wild chimps.
Jane Goodall / Eleanor Roosevelt / Mother Theresa

5. At college, I was an amazing student and a really good tennis player.
Betsy Ross / Sally Ride / Amelia Earhart

6. I am world-famous because of my diary.
Anne Frank / Marie Curie / J.K. Rowling

7. I never lost a passenger!
Amelia Earhart / Annie Oakley / Harriet Tubman

8. During my lifetime, I painted 55 self-portraits!
Maria Tallchief / Frida Kahlo / Sacagawea

9. My book Silent Spring inspired worldwide movements to conserve and protect the environment.
Rachel Carson / Clara Barton / Harriet Beecher Stowe

10. Queen Victoria called me a “very, very clever little girl” when she saw me perform in a Wild West show.
Laura Ingalls Wilder / Annie Oakley / Harriet Tubman

11. I am a co-founder of Ms. magazine.
Eleanor Roosevelt / Susan B. Anthony / Gloria Steinem

12. I was only a teenager when I joined the Louis and Clark expedition!
Sacagawea / Abigail Adams / Betsy Ross

13. I became queen of the United Kingdom at age 18 and oversaw the greatest expansion of the British Empire.
Queen Elizabeth / Queen Victoria / Beatrix Potter

14. I was arrested for voting in the presidential election of 1872.
Mother Theresa / Harriet Tubman / Susan B. Anthony


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Famous Women in History Quiz
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