Father’s Day Printables & Activities

by the Brightly Editors

Need an easy gift the kids can put together for Dad this Father’s Day? How about some fun activities to help celebrate the day? We’ve got you covered with a ton of printables and activities from some of our favorite books that honor dads and granddads! From coloring sheets to cut-out coupons, there’s plenty of ways to celebrate the special man in your child’s life.

  • Hair Love

  • Draw You and Dad as Superheroes

    With her hair in puffs, Zuri feels like a superhero — cape and all! Draw you and your dad feeling as confident as superheroes.

  • My Dad and Me Frame Coloring Page

    Zuri’s dad is the ultimate #GirlDad. Color in the frame, cut it out, and put a picture of you and your dad in the middle! This is a great gift for Father’s Day or any day!

  • If My Love Were a Fire Truck

  • Printable Father's Day Card

    “My love for you goes vroom, buzz, rattle, clang, boom!” This printable card is a great way for kids to show Dad how much they care.

  • Host an If My Love Were a Fire Truck Storytime

    What better way to spend time with Dad than by reading together! And this book all about a father’s love is a perfect read.

  • If My Love Were... Drawing Activity

    Draw what your love for the dad in your life looks like to you. Is it playing games with him? Snuggling on the couch? It could even be your favorite food he makes for you!

  • Cut-Out Coupons

    Cut out these coupons to give the dad in your life for Father’s Day or any special occasion to show how much you love him!

  • A Fire Truck Maze!

    Help this little boy and his dad drive their fire truck home in time for bedtime!

  • My Papi Has a Motorcycle

  • Coloring Sheet

    Have fun coloring this picture of Daisy Ramona and her Papi.

  • Maze Activity

    Help Daisy Ramona and her Papi reach the raspados cart!

  • I Love Dad with The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  • Printable Father's Day Card

    Print and color in this foldable card to show Dad just how much you love him!

  • Mad Libs

  • Dad's Secret Recipe

    Mad Libs are a great activity for kids to share with Dad. Fill in the blanks to learn how to make Dad’s special bean dip.

  • If I Were My Own Father

    “If I were my own father, there would only be four rules.” No matter what words you choose, this Mad Libs is sure to be hilarious.

  • A Day on the Job

    What’s a day at work with Dad like? Fill in the blanks to find out!

  • Tad and Dad

  • Printable Father's Day Card

    Print out this card and color in the picture of Tad and his dad to show your dad just how much he means to you.