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17 Frightfully Fun Stories to Get Your Kids in the Halloween Spirit

by Devon A. Corneal

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Get ready for goblins, witches, ghosts, and great Halloween stories! Whether your child is trick-or-treating for the first time or is a veteran candy-hunter, these silly, spooky, and spectacular books will get them excited for the big night. We’ve got something for everyone from toddlers to tweens and promise that parents will enjoy these stories as much as their kids. So don’t be scared — get reading!

  • Middle Grade/Tween Readers

  • Monsterland

    by James Crowley

    Charlie isn’t looking forward to Halloween, especially after his cousin Billy died. But when he thinks he sees Billy in the woods, he plunges deep into the heart of Monsterland, where all manner of supposedly imaginary creatures live, including trolls, werewolves, and vampires. Determined to find his cousin, Charlie braves the unknown lurking in the unexplored forest.

  • Don’t Read This Book Before Bed

    by Anna Claybourne

    Calling all fans of spine-chilling stories and the supernatural! From monsters and ghosts to unsolved mysteries and weird animals, you'll learn all about eerie legends and real-life creepy-crawlies. Keep a lookout for the interactive quizzes along the way. Not for the faint of heart, this one's perfect for older readers who love getting spooked.

  • The Bone Snatcher

    by Charlotte Salter

    Sophie Seacove is the newest resident of Catacomb Hill, a creepy mansion on an island in the middle of a sea-monster-infested ocean. Thankfully, she is also an inventive storyteller, a dogged detective, and tough as nails — qualities she’s going to need if she has any hope of escaping the island and reuniting with her parents. Just don’t expect it to be a happy reunion, because they’re the ones that sent Sophie to this horrible island in the first place.

  • Death and Douglas

    by J. W. Ocker

    Douglas is no stranger to death. His family has run a funeral home for generations without anything particularly scary or weird happening. But this year a serial killer has descended on Douglas’s quaint New England town and Douglas and his friends have to work together to catch the killer.

  • A Catered Costume Party

    by Isis Crawford

    Death abounds this Halloween, even at the fancy costume party Bernie and her sister Libby agree to cater. When their host Darius Witherspoon ends up deceased, these two sisters have to put their recipes away to find out why and how he died. Bonus recipes included for a delicious (and mysterious) Halloween.

  • Zombie Apocalypse

    by B. A. Frade and Stacia Deutsch

    The zombie apocalypse is everywhere — including the school dance. Ryan and Tyler love to dress up as the super-creepy undead, but this year they have real competition when honest-to-goodness zombies crash the party. Can they save their classmates and themselves?

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