The Froggy Series Is Full of Big Lessons and Everyday Humor for Kids

by Regina Hayes

Since Froggy Gets Dressed, the first Froggy book, appeared in 1992, Froggy has been enthusiastically embraced by teachers, librarians, parents, and, most importantly, children. Twenty-six subsequent picture books have chronicled Froggy’s adventures, from holiday celebrations to many new learning experiences. What is the source of his enduring popularity?

Froggy is Everychild. Like Curious George, Froggy is continually getting himself in hot water. Perhaps that’s why boys in particular love Froggy. Froggy is an eternal optimist and he always has big plans, whether he’s building a tree house, setting up a lemonade stand, or just learning to ride a bike. He always expects to be the best, to triumph, but somehow his big plans go awry, leaving him, in the signature line of the books, “with his face more red than green.” But lovable Froggy is surrounded by good friends and loving family, including his little sister Pollywogilina, and they are ready to console him and encourage him to embark on his next adventure. Artfully and painlessly conveyed in the amusing texts are important lessons about perseverance, friendship, and loyalty.

The Froggy books are terrific read-alouds, full of onomatopoeic words as Froggy gets himself dressed — zut, zoot, zup, zat — and sets out into the world — flop, flop flop — and there is a constant refrain of “Frrrooggyy,” as his mother reminds him of something he has forgotten to do or wear. Frank Remkiewicz has illustrated all of the Froggy books with pictures full of humor and action.

Here are just a few of my favorite Froggy stories:

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