Get to Know Your Library:
A Scavenger Hunt for Kids

by Melissa Taylor

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Is your library like a second home? Maybe it can be. Get your kids as comfortable with the library as they are at home by giving them a fun library scavenger hunt.

Download this Library Challenge Printable. Then, each time you visit the library, pick a challenge from the scavenger hunt for your kids to complete.

Watch as they discover new books and all the cool things the library has to offer.

_____ Find a current issue of any magazine.

Picture Books
_____ Find the new picture books section.
_____ Find the Eric Carle books. Which is your favorite?

Easy Readers
_____ Where are the easy readers? Find one with an animal character.

Junior Fiction
_____ Find the graphic novels and comic books. Pick one to check out.
_____ Find the books by J.K. Rowling. What famous series did she write?
_____ Ask your librarian if there is a Newbery Award section or list. Find it.

Board Books
_____ Where are the board books? Can you find a familiar favorite?

Games and Toys
_____ Where are your library’s toys and games for kids?

_____ Go to the computer in your library. Type in “biography” and write three book numbers down. Go to that section and find a biography about a famous person.
_____ Look for atlases in the 912s. Which is your favorite?
_____ Go to section 745 and find a cool craft book to check out.
_____ Look up “pets” on the computer catalog. What numbered section are they in?
_____ Find a fairy tale. Hint: Try 398.2.
_____ Where are the dictionaries?

CDs and Audiobooks
_____ Find a music CD that you like.
_____ Find an audiobook that has the word “the” in the title.

_____ What games are on your library’s computers?
_____ Ask the librarian to show you how to reserve a book on the computer.

_____ Apply for your own library card.

Library Challenge Printable
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“It was good to walk into a library again; it smelled like home.” – Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian