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Just For Fun

Book Gifts for Grandpa This
Father’s Day

by Eliza Smith

Photo credit: Cavan Images, Cavan Collection/Getty Images

With Father’s Day around the corner, don’t forget to include Grandpa in the celebrations! We’ve rounded up books he can enjoy with his grandkids and ones he can settle down with on his own, from a reimagined children’s classic to a Cold War coming-of-age story.

  • Reads Just for Grandpa

  • Ghost Soldiers

    by Hampton Sides

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    The harrowing account of a World War II rescue mission, Ghost Soldiers follows the 121 U.S. troops who snuck behind enemy lines in the Philippines to extract 513 POWs, all survivors of the Bataan Death March. Author Hampton Sides balances the tension of the raid with personal stories of the men involved, creating what Esquire calls, “the greatest World War II story never told.”

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  • The Masters

    by Curt Sampson

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    In this historical exposé, Curt Sampson takes as his subject Augusta National, home of the Masters Tournament and one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world, through which one can observe wealth, power, and racial tensions ineptly hidden beneath the club’s antebellum veneer. Fans of both history and golfing will find themselves wrapped up in this riveting story of an infamous institution.

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  • Here We Are

    by Benjamin Taylor

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    When Philip Roth died in 2018, he left behind 31 books and an enormously faithful readership. He also left behind a best friend in Benjamin Taylor, who (with Roth’s permission) renders Roth as he was beyond his public persona, and also creates a stunning portrait of a beautiful friendship.

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  • Summerlings

    by Lisa Howorth

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    A Cold War coming-of-age story, Summerlings follows the heedless romps of young John and his friends, Ivan, Max, and Beatriz, who suspect everyone of being either a Russian spy or Nazi sympathizer. Their lives will change forever after a neighborhood potluck party goes terribly wrong.

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  • Henry, Himself

    by Stewart O’Nan

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    Henry Maxwell has lived his life by the book. An everyman of the greatest generation, now 75 and retired in 1998, Henry looks back on his life with the big questions: Has he done the best he could? And what’s next? Stewart O’Nan writes with warmth and subtlety about the mysteries of the human condition.

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