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Growing Reader

Celebrate Reading With a Dr. Seuss Classroom Activity Guide

by the Brightly Editors


When The Cat in the Hat was published in 1957, Dr. Seuss changed the way kids learn to read, proving that the process of learning to read can be fun AND funny. That’s why every year on his birthday, we celebrate reading and the contributions that Dr. Seuss books have made in teaching, inspiring, delighting, and motivating young readers for generations. This year, we encourage you to celebrate with your students by reading and sharing the books that have helped millions of kids become lifelong readers!

In this Hats Off to Reading Celebration Guide, you’ll find activities that will spark kids’ desire to read and write, provide experiences that will build background knowledge, and encourage kids to ask questions, use their imaginations, and celebrate reading. Plus, you’ll find additional book recommendations that will keep kids reading, learning, and having fun.

This classroom activity guide is all you need to celebrate with your students. Want even more ideas and downloads? Visit the Hats Off to Reading website.


Hats Off to Reading Celebration Activity Guide