15 Holiday Gift Ideas for
Book-Loving 3- to 5-Year-Olds

by Janssen Bradshaw

Illustration: Penelope Dullaghan

The preschool years are some of my favorite holidays with children. They’re old enough to be enthusiastic and excited, but still young enough to find everything completely magical and be awed by every gift, big or small. Those years of being wholeheartedly delighted by a lollipop in your stocking don’t last forever.

As my own children grow, I’ve been surprised by how clearly they can identify the things they received as gifts, even years earlier. They’ll comment on a tiny stuffed dog and how it was a gift from their older sister on their first Christmas. Or every time we read a certain book they say, “This is the book Grandma gave me for my birthday!” I love that those strong associations are formed with certain gifts, and I especially love when they’re made with books.

Our gift ideas for 3- to 5-year-olds are books we hope will be loved for years to come, bringing up memories of those early holidays and the family and friends who gifted them. And because we love a good book-related gift around here, we’ve added fun items from our friends at Out of Print too.


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  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Tote Bag

    The ultimate magical adventure is a trip to the library or bookstore, and this Wizard of Oz tote is perfect for bringing all your treasures home with you.

  • For the child who knows the name of every animal in the zoo:

  • “The Spider and the Fly” T-Shirt

    What little child doesn’t want some spooky bugs on their shirts? Based on the classic poem, this is the perfect way to add a little literary life to your child’s wardrobe!

  • Wonder Pouch

    I never met a child who didn’t love a little place of their own to collect things — from rocks and leaves to pencils and beads. This Wonder-inspired pouch is perfect!

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