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How to Throw a Bear-y Sweet Corduroy-Themed Birthday Party

by Janssen Bradshaw

Does your child love Corduroy like mine does?

I’d almost forgotten about this classic book from my childhood until my parents gave our daughter a copy.

We’ve read that sweet story of a little teddy bear missing his button and hoping for a friend hundreds of times over the last four years.

Since it’s such a favorite in our home, I love the idea of having a Corduroy birthday party for my little ones — there are so many fun things you could do with this simple theme! Here are some great party ideas.

Corduroy Party Invitations

Start your party off right with these adorable (and customizable!) birthday party invitations from Zazzle.


Teddy Bear Ear Headbands

These headbands are fun to have your guests wear during the party, plus they’re a great favor for them to take home after. And how cute will they look in all the photos?


Teddy Bear Dipped Oreos

These easy treats are delicious and look darling all laid out on a platter together.


Bread Bear Faces

It’s amazingly simple to make these little bear faces (you can use any kind of bread dough you like!).


Button Cucumber Sandwiches

Slices of cucumbers make perfect buttons for a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich display.

CucumberSandwiches (1)

Paper Plate Button Garland

Use paper plates in bright colors and punch holes in the center to make a fun button garland!


Button Centerpiece

Use a large collection of multi-colored buttons to hold your flower centerpiece in place and add a nod to Corduroy’s missing button.


Pin the Button on Corduroy

Blindfold the guests and have them try to put Corduroy’s missing button back where it belongs!

Image credit: Corduroy illustration by Don Freeman
Image credit: Corduroy illustration by Don Freeman

Honey Bear Favors

Tie a ribbon around the neck of a honey bear jar and send them home as a sweet (and useful!) favor.

Photo credit: JCBees/Etsy
Photo credit: JCBees/Etsy