How to Throw a Perfectly Polka-Dotted Ladybug Girl Party This Winter

Ladybug Girl is such a delightful literary character — my girls love snuggling up with me on the couch and reading about her latest adventures.

With my daughter’s birthday coming up in December, I’ve been scouting out ideas for a Ladybug Girl party.

Ladybugs might be more traditionally a summer bug, but a little snow never stops Ladybug Girl and my winter girl isn’t bothered by the chilly weather either, as long as she gets to celebrate in red and black.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a wintery holiday gathering, these ideas are sure to keep you cozy and warm inside.

Ladybug Girl Invites

Ladybug_seasonal_1I love the attention to detail on these Punchbowl invites, from the lined envelopes to the shaped cards. And Ladybug Girl making snow angels is just perfect for this party.

Ladybug Oreos

LadybugOreosYou can serve these during the party or send them home as individually wrapped favors, but either way, they are basically the cutest cookie I’ve ever seen.

Red Snowflake Cookies

SnowflakeCookiesWhat could be more festive than a sugar cookie decorated like a snowflake? These ones are extra perfect for Ladybug Girl since they are red!

Savory Ladybug Cracker

LadybugRitzCrackerAppetizerIt’s always nice to have a non-sweet treat at a party, and these ladybug crackers made with black olives and tomatoes and cream cheese couldn’t be cuter if they tried.

Ladybug Veggie Tray

LadybugVeggieTrayHow cute is this veggie tray with black and red crudités and snap peas that look like summer grass? 

Ladybug Cheese

LadybugCheeseThe red wax wrappers on this kid-friendly cheese make the perfect canvas for decorative (and tasty!) little ladybug snacks.

Ladybug Cupcakes

LadybugGirlCupckaesWhat’s a party without some cake? These ladybug cupcakes make the perfect focal point for your food table and are just too darling to eat (well, almost).

Peppermint Cocoa

PeppermintHotChocolateHot chocolate is the obvious beverage choice for this party, and a little sprinkle of crushed candy cane not only makes it delicious, but also pulls in the red perfectly!

Ladybug Tablecloth

PartyTableA red tablecloth with some black dots makes an eye-catching place to set out the food. And it couldn’t be easier!

Ladybug Flowers

LadybugFlowersFlowers are my favorite way to decorate for a party — add a few paper ladybugs to your bouquets for an extra little touch.

Ladybug Headbands

LadybugHeadbandYou can make these beforehand for the kids (and grown-ups!) to wear during the party or set out the supplies and let everyone make their own.

Ladybug Suncatchers

LadybugSuncatchersI really love a suncatcher in the winter when you want all the light you can get. These are simple to make during the party and a fun favor to help your guests remember the festivities all winter long!

Ladybug Nails

LadybugNailsThese look impressive but are actually surprisingly easy to pull off. Set up a little nail station and give your guests a ladybug manicure!

Goody Bags

LadybugPartyGoodieBagsA goody bag that ties into the ladybug theme couldn’t be easier — just snag some red bags and then use black stickers (or a black marker!) to put black dots on them.


What other characters would your kiddos love to see at their next party? Let us know in the comments below.