How to Throw a Madeline-Themed Birthday Party

by Janssen Bradshaw

Isn’t Madeline such a classic? The text, the illustrations, the hijinks, and that unforgettable yellow hat with the blue cape. I just love her.

What could be cuter than a party based on this gorgeous book and timeless character?

Of course, you can hardly think of Madeline without thinking of Paris, and a great Madeline party combines the two (macarons, anyone?).

From treats to decorations to activities, there are plenty of great ideas to make throwing a memorable party a cinch. In no time, you’ll feel like you’re strolling through the Louvre or popping into a French café.

Book Display

I love this display of all the different Madeline titles, plus the banner with some of the most famous lines from the book! This is a great way to set the stage for the activities to come.

Madeline Story Time

Madeline-Story-TimeIf you need an activity to introduce guests to Madeline and her adventures, or if you’re looking for a quieter closing activity to help people wind down, reading aloud is an ideal activity — and always a hit with children.

Give a Dog a Bone

A fun spin on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” You can use paper bones or real dog bones!

Yellow Hat Cookies


These cookies — they’re irresistibly cute. Plus, they aren’t very hard to assemble and they’re so iconic.

French Food Table


I love the red suitcases as decorations, plus the displays of French food. The Madeline color scheme (red, blue, and yellow) really pulls everything together perfectly.

Madeline Capes

CapesNothing makes a party feel festive like costumes. These capes are simple to whip up — just a circle of fabric cut down the front and then a ribbon glued or sewed on. If you really want to go all out, find yourself a nun costume.

Lessons at the Louvre

I don’t know many children who don’t like art projects, and art lessons at the Louvre are extra-fun. Display the masterpieces on the wall afterward for instant decorations and let everyone take a stroll through the “museum.”

DIY Crepe Hats

These hats are darling and make both great costumes and good decorations. You can have the children help make them if they’re a bit older or do them yourself beforehand if the guests are younger.

Eiffel Tower Sugar Cookies

How gorgeous are these sugar cookies? And if you’re not up for frosting them, go with madeleine cookies instead — they’re the perfect treat for this party!

Two Straight Lines Game

With painter’s tape, make two parallel lines along the floor. Two children at a time, have guests stand on the lines — one child on each — and then walk down the lines in a variety of ways, whether hopping on one foot, going backward, or somersaulting.

Straw Eiffel Tower Project

Pull out the glue and construction paper and everyone goes home happy. This is so simple and perfectly gratifying.