Fun Easter Activities the Whole Family Will Love

by Dena McMurdie

Image credit: Chris Stein/Getty Images

Easter is a time for family and togetherness, and each year presents a new opportunity to make lasting memories. Here are some fun and exciting Easter games, crafts, and activities to get you and your family into the spirit of the holiday — no matter how you celebrate!

Read Easter-Themed Books

Reading books is always a great way to get your kids in the spirit of the holiday. Whether you want to read about the Easter bunny, spring chicks, or something more spiritual, you’ll find lots of great suggestions in this list of Easter books for toddlers and picture books readers.

Have Easter-Themed Play-Doh or Lego Challenges

If you have little kids, help them make eggs, bird nests, bunnies, and other Easter-themed things out of Play-Doh. For older kids, harness their obsession with the Lego Masters television series by challenging them to make something for Easter. Set a one-hour timer and let them unleash their creativity. You’ll be amazed by what they come up with!

Decorate Easter Eggs

Lay down some plastic or paper to protect your table, boil some eggs, and get out the art supplies. Even if you can’t get to the store to buy a traditional egg-dyeing kit, kids will have a blast with food coloring (which makes a great dye substitute when combined with vinegar and hot water), wax crayons, stickers, paint, and markers.

easter eggs
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Make Toilet-Paper Roll Bunnies

Hang on to your toilet paper rolls and make this adorable Easter bunny craft! You can find step-by-step instructions on the PBS website.

Play Easter Bingo

Print off a few of these adorable Easter Bingo cards, hand your kids some jelly beans to mark their squares, and have a fun (and tasty) time playing the classic game.

Do the Bunny Hop

If your kids need to burn some energy and stretch their limbs, it’s time for the bunny hop. Form a line, crank up the music, and get hopping! Your kids will love it.

Have an Easter Egg Hunt

This is especially fun for small children, but big kids will want to participate as well. Hide eggs throughout your home and then let your kids run around with baskets and collect the eggs. I prefer doing this with candy-filled plastic eggs rather than real eggs. You don’t want to lose a real egg in your house, only to find it weeks later when it starts to smell!

easter egg hunt
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Play Guessing Games

Fill jars with various Easter candies like jelly beans or chocolate eggs. Then, you and your kids take turns guessing how many candies are in each jar. The person closest to the actual number gets the jar of candy! You can also opt for a sugar-free prize such as a small toy, book, or bragging rights.

Paint or Color Some Flowers

Flowers are a traditional sign of spring and rebirth. Get out your acrylic paints, queue up a kid-friendly painting tutorial on YouTube (like this one from Katie Jobling), and start painting flowers. Or, skip the paint and let your creativity out with a coloring book like The Flower Fairies Coloring Book by Cicely Mary Barker.