Conquering the Wiggle Fidgets:
7 Inspiring Books for ADHD Kids and Their Parents

by Marilyn Wedge, Ph.D.

What’s a parent to do when Johnny can’t stop fidgeting with his pencil in class or Sally daydreams and doesn’t finish her math assignments? It’s only natural for parents of children who are diagnosed with ADHD to worry when their kids fidget, daydream, or disrupt the classroom. And no child is happy when a teacher becomes frustrated with his behavior and sends notes home to his parents.

Fortunately, there are many great books written for both kids and parents on managing ADHD, each one offering a different opinion of what ADHD is and how best to help a distracted or overactive child. Some authors emphasize medication, but there are many other perspectives. For example, some experts propose changing the child’s diet; they recommend adding more fresh foods and cutting out foods with sugar, artificial colorings, and preservatives. Others advise that kids spend less time in front of electronic screens and more time outdoors in physical activities. Still others have found that providing a predictable structure for a child’s day and enforcing consistent rules at home make for calmer happier children.

There is no dispute, however, that reading books — whether alone or with a parent — has a calming effect on children and may be especially helpful to kids with ADHD. Here are five books meant to inspire and empower young readers who are overactive or inattentive — and three informative reads for parents.