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Bookish Fun for Winter: A January Reading Challenge for Kids

by Iva-Marie Palmer

Happy New Year! Or, really, happy New Book Year! We’re kick-starting another year of great reading with a fun, seasonally inspired reading challenge. Reading challenges are a great way to read more books, read different kinds of books, and connect with new ideas and experiences. And there’s no wrong way to do it. If your children are already book lovers, they might enjoy checking off each challenge goal as they go and expanding their reading horizons by seeking out books they might not typically pick up. If you have a reluctant reader at home, these ten goals can help make a game out of finding and reading new books. Reading challenges make reading exciting for kids, and no matter how far they get, everyone wins!

Kids can read independently or with an adult, choose picture books or chapter books, and check off the challenge goals in whatever order they choose. Here are 10 reading goals for kids of all ages to complete this month:

  • Read a book that is set in the snow.
  • Read a book about Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 20th).
  • Read a book published the year you were born.
  • Warm up! Read a book set at the beach.
  • Read a book about a character who doesn’t look like you.
  • Celebrate A.A. Milne’s birthday (January 18) by reading a Winnie-the-Pooh story.
  • Ask a Librarian: Visit your local library and ask a librarian to suggest a great book featuring penguins or polar bears.
  • Read a book with a cover you’re not completely crazy about.
  • Build a pillow fort and read a book inside it.


Download a printable version of this reading challenge below.


January Reading Challenge for Kids