Stand Out at Stand-Up:
9 Truly Funny Joke Books for Kids

by Tom Burns

Photo credit: Annie Enge, Cultura Collection/Getty Images

There are few things funnier than a kid telling a joke. If they nail the punchline, it’s hilarious. If they completely botch the punchline, it’s somehow even MORE hilarious. But, no matter what, everyone gets a huge smile on their face.

It’s time to get your little stand-ups working on their material. Because, even though kids are natural comedians, there’s only so many times a parent can pretend they don’t know “What’s brown and sticky?” (“A stick,” I replied to my daughter for the 50th time. “We both know it’s a stick.”)

If your child loves telling jokes, but they keep trotting out their tired old favorites, definitely introduce them to these side-splitting joke books that will provide little comedians with new material and keep your family laughing — honestly laughing — for weeks to come.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in 2018 and updated in 2022.