7 Keepsake Journals That Busy Moms Will Actually Use

by Jennifer Ridgway

Photo credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc., Blend Images Collection/Getty Images

When my twins were born, I wanted a way to reflect on our day-to-day life, to record the milestones (big and small), and to have something to pass along to them. There are obviously baby books, but those did not have the kind of daily reflection I was looking for. I am also notoriously horrible at keeping my own journal, so I knew that this was going to have to be something that would only take me a couple of minutes a day to do (especially as I had to do it for two!). What I settled on was using a weekly planner; I used the notes space to jot down a sentence or two about the day.

For those who have a similar goal, you may wish to do the same (I am a big fan of Moleskine’s Large Format Weekly Planners). Alternatively, there are some excellent journals specifically targeted to mothers, some more guided than others. They offer a great way to quickly reflect on the day and, if you want, pass along memories to your children.