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To Infinity and Beyond! Far Out Space Books for Future Astronauts

by Jennifer Ridgway

Books About Astronauts
Photo credit: Donald Iain Smith, Blend Images/Getty Images

The magic and mystery of space is intriguing to people of all ages, but especially so for kids. It seems like most children go through a stage of loving space and wanting to be an astronaut. I was nine years old when Space Camp hit theaters, and watching it gave me a strong desire to go to, well, Space Camp. Similarly, my children became fascinated with outer space after seeing the space shuttle Enterprise at the Intrepid Museum.

These awesome kids’ books can help your budding space explorer learn about outer space and life as an astronaut … from the safety of home.

  • Fiction

  • Garcia & Colette Go Exploring

    by Hannah Barnaby, illustrated by Andrew Joyner

    What makes this book so special is that it helps foster collaboration and celebrates the joy of friendship.  When two friends’ interests diverge, they decide to build their own machines — one bound for space and one bound for the sea. They discover that space and the sea aren’t really so different after all (and can be a little lonely without a friend by your side!), and that sometimes it’s more fun to be with each other.
    (Ages 3 – 5)

  • Magic Tree House: Midnight on the Moon

    by Mary Pope Osborne, illustrated by Sal Murdocca

    Also available from:

    Parents, educators, and kids love the Magic Tree House series! In this installment, Jack and Annie are on the hunt for their last “M” clue, this time on the moon. Also be sure to check out the book’s Fact Tracker companion, Space!
    (Ages 6 – 9)

    Also available from:
  • The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole

    by Michelle Cuevas

    Also available from:

    When a black hole follows Stella home from NASA, she befriends the unpredictable and dangerous “pet.” As the black hole begins to swallow up everything around her, Stella learns to find her way out of her own grief. With sly humor, Cuevas’s allegorical tale weaves in information about space and physics.
    (Ages 8 – 12)

    Also available from:
  • See You in the Cosmos

    by Jack Cheng

    Also available from:

    Eleven-year-old Alex loves Carl Sagan and space. He decides he wants to emulate Sagan’s Golden Record experiment, so he begins making his own recordings on an old iPod to send up in a rocket that he built. The book is a transcript of these recordings and thus told in Alex’s own voice. It's a sweet and moving story about a tween boy determined to see his dream actualized.
    (Ages 9 – 12)

    Also available from:
  • My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich

    by Ibi Zoboi

    Also available from:

    Award-winning YA author Ibi Zoboi enters the world of middle grade fiction with a novel about 12-year-old Ebony-Grace, a space-obsessed Trekkie who makes a big move from Alabama to Harlem. Ebony-Grace has grown up with her grandfather Jeremiah, a retired NASA engineer, but when she spends a summer with her father in Harlem, she learns that her sci-fi dreams might be possible in the city, too.
    (Ages 10+)

    Also available from:

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2017 and updated in 2019.