Bookshelves in Bloom:
A May Reading Challenge for Kids

by Iva-Marie Palmer

Illustration credit: Maria_Galybina/Shutterstock

With May comes the official full arrival of spring and the promise of summer. We also get the end of the school year, and the restlessness that comes with waiting for that last day! This month, enjoy things being in bloom — from the flowers around you to the ideas in your own mind.

  • Take a book vacation! Read a book set somewhere you would love to visit.
  • Ask Your Teacher: Thank your teacher for all they’ve taught you this year. Then ask, “What was your favorite book to read over summer break when you were my age?”
  • Peruse a book while you eat your breakfast.
  • May 20 is Mary Pope Osborne’s birthday! If you’ve never read a Magic Tree House novel before, choose one that sounds delightful to read with your family or start from the very beginning of the series. (For more fun, pick out a companion nonfiction book, or Fact-Tracker, to read too.)
  • Listen to an audiobook of a story you’ve read and loved.
  • Find a book with tips about channeling your creativity. Then create something of your very own — and try to keep the creativity going all summer.
  • Next time you’re going to be in the car for 20 minutes, bring a book to entertain you.
  • Have you ever had movie night at home? Plan a book night! Get snacks, stories to read, and ask the grown-ups in your life for permission to stay up a little late to enjoy a good story.


Download a printable version of this reading challenge below.

May Reading Challenge for Kids
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