13 Books Everyone Will Be Talking About This Fall

by Jennifer Ridgway

Photo credit: Megapixelina/Shutterstock

For many parents, fall means that the kids are back in school … and, of course, that some fantastic new grown-up reads are about to hit the shelves! Whether you’re looking for literary fiction, sci-fi, nonfiction, thrillers, or anything in between, this fall has it all. Here are some bookish highlights to watch for this season.

  • October

  • Origin

    by Dan Brown

    Available from:

    It has been four years since Dan Brown’s last book starring symbologist Robert Langdon, Inferno, hit the shelves. In this installment, chaos erupts at an event featuring one of Langdon’s former students, leading Langdon on a chase across Spain. Prepare yourself for another thrilling page-turner filled with clues steeped in art and history.
    (On Sale: 10/3/17)

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  • Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II

    by Liza Mundy

    For years the story of the women who served as cryptographers during World War II was kept confidential, and it is still a story largely unknown. Yet these women, who couldn’t even tell their families about their work, played a vital role in the war effort and helped make history. Meticulously researched, Mundy has done justice to these groundbreaking women.
    (On Sale: 10/10/17)

  • Endurance: A Year in Space, a Lifetime of Discovery

    by Scott Kelly

    Astronaut Scott Kelly holds the record for the number of consecutive days spent in space; he volunteered to spend a year at the International Space Station despite knowing the toll it would likely take on his body. His memoir covers not only this trip and his previous trips to space, but also his life growing up and his thoughts about the future of space exploration. A fascinating look at an extraordinary life and experiences that the vast majority of us can only dream about.
    (On Sale: 10/17/17)

  • Uncommon Type: Some Stories

    by Tom Hanks

    Available from:

    First things first: Yes, the author is THE Tom Hanks, Oscar-winning actor. In this collection of 17 short stories, Hanks proves that not only can he act and direct, but he can also write great fiction. While the stories are all very different — with a variety of narrators, settings, and time periods — they are all connected by one thing: the typewriter. Whether a minor mention or the main star of the narrative, a typewriter appears in each story, and they are all based on typewriters in Hanks's own extensive collection.
    (On Sale: 10/17/17)

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Which books from this list are you looking forward to picking up this fall?