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10 New Swoon-Worthy Teen
Romance Books

by Iva-Marie Palmer

new romance
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Those who say romance is dead haven’t seen the latest crop of teen romance books. If you’re a YA fan, romance is more alive than ever. Even self-proclaimed cynics might find something to love within this year’s teen romances — there are love stories with magical realism, it-could-happen-to-you plots, and a whole lot of swooning!

  • Now & When

    by Sara Bennett Wealer

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    Something strange is happening with Skyler Finch’s phone: it’s sending her notifications from the near-future, in which she’s apparently dating Obsessed-with-the-Sound-of-His-Own-Voice Truman Alexander. Skyler can’t abide such a fate, so she sets about changing the present, where reality continues to shift in unpredictable ways — including (could it be?) her opinion of Truman.

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  • A Sky Painted Gold

    by Laura Wood

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    Perfect for fans of The Great Gatsby (though with a more hopeful ending), A Sky Painted Gold takes place in the summer of 1929, when 17-year-old Lou, an aspiring writer, gets pulled into the lavish lifestyle of the Cardew siblings, Caitlin and Robert. Glamorous, moonlit parties fill Lou’s nights, and thoughts of Robert fill her days. But is a high-society life what Lou actually wants?

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  • Again Again

    by E. Lockhart

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    The bestselling author of Genuine Fraud and We Were Liars returns with a love story that spans the multiverse. Adelaide Buchwald is spending her summer dog-walking, reeling from a breakup, and hoping against hope that her brother doesn’t relapse. When she meets Jack and starts to fall in love, every choice Adelaide makes splits into a new universe, each with its own outcome, making real the “what ifs” of life.

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  • Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know

    by Samira Ahmed

    In the present, while on holiday in Paris, Khayyam Maquet researches a mysterious woman named Leila who appears in Alexandre Dumas’s work, when she encounters a (dreamy) descendent of the famed novelist. As Khayyam chases after clues, her new beau's intentions become increasingly unclear. Alternating chapters are narrated by 19th-century Leila herself, who’s trying to survive the patriarchal structures of the Ottoman Empire while navigating a secret love triangle.

  • Girl Crushed

    by Katie Heaney

    Also available from:

    Quinn and Jamie were best friends, until they became girlfriends — and then ex-girlfriends. Attempting to navigate senior year without a GF or BFF, Quinn starts crushing hard on the effortlessly cool Ruby Ocampo. But she still misses Jamie, and is she just imagining it, or does Jamie seem to miss her, too?

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  • Date Me, Bryson Keller

    by Kevin van Whye

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    Bryson Keller doesn’t date, but he can’t turn down a dare, which is how he winds up dating someone new every single week. Bryson has no shortage of suitors, and he’s also straight, so Kai Sheridan is floored when Bryson agrees to secretly go out with him — for the one-week window, of course. Kai knows it’s just the dare talking, but the more he gets to know Bryson, the less fake the whole thing feels.

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  • Verona Comics

    by Jennifer Dugan

    Also available from:

    A modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet, Verona Comics tells the star-crossed love story of Jubilee and Ridley, whose parents — the owners of two competing comic book stores — hate each other. Jennifer Dugan deftly handles topics of mental health and sexual identity, serious issues (we are talking Shakespeare!) that enhance rather than overshadow the romantic throughline.

    Also available from:
  • American Royals II: Majesty

    by Katharine McGee

    Also available from:

    In the delightfully soapy sequel to American Royals, which reimagines America with its own royal family, the drama is high and the flirtations irresistible. As Princess Beatrice prepares to be the country’s first queen, Princess Samantha prepares for a good time, and Prince Jefferson's love interests pursue their own desires. There’s forbidden love, the leadup to a royal wedding, and the built-in struggles that shadow the Crown.

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  • Breathless

    by Jennifer Niven

    Also available from:

    Claude Henry is a young woman who likes to steer her own ship — which makes the news that she’ll be spending her last summer before college on a remote island with her mother a tough pill to swallow. As Claude gives in to the rugged natural beauty of the island, she also falls in love with Jeremiah. Theirs is a relationship with a deadline, but that doesn’t make it any less significant.

    Also available from:
  • Super Fake Love Song

    by David Yoon

    Also available from:

    David Yoon’s last novel, Frankly in Love, stole hearts, and he’s back at it with Super Fake Love Song. Self-proclaimed nerd Sunny Dae is bowled over by the hip and self-assured Cirrus Soh, so when Cirrus mistakes Sunny for a rocker, well, Sunny has to become the leader of a rock band, right? As Sunny tweaks his public persona to fit Cirrus’s perception, he starts to feel cooler and more confident himself. But will his elaborate lies spin out of control?

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in 2017 and updated in 2020.