Fall for Fantastic Books:
An October Reading Challenge
for Kids

by Iva-Marie Palmer

Illustration credit: EkaterinaBedova/Shutterstock

The month of October offers some very obvious reading inspiration: fall is in full swing and Halloween summons readers of all stripes to pick up books that lean toward the spooky side. These seasonal and perennial challenge ideas will have young readers haunting their bookshelves all month long.

  • Read a book that features a character who wears a fun costume or disguise.
  • Choose several of your favorite books and set up a small display for them at home, just like you would see at a bookstore or library. Pick a story from your collection of favorites the next time you’re stumped on what to read.
  • Ask a librarian, “What kids’ book do you think is underappreciated?” Then check out that book and give it a read!
  • Read a book about a character who is the same age or in the same grade as you.
  • Read a spooky story. If you don’t enjoy scary stories, read a non-spooky book with a traditionally spooky character (like a friendly ghost or a funny monster).
  • If you haven’t ever read in the bathtub, now is the time to try it! Just try not to get the pages wet.
  • Celebrate Dictionary Day (October 16) this month by using a dictionary to look up the definitions of five words that you don’t know. Write down the words and keep a lookout for them as you continue exploring new books.
  • Read a book told in diary or letter form.
  • Snuggle up in your favorite blanket and read a book independently or with a family member.
  • Read a book with no pictures and use your imagination to draw a picture of the main character.

Download a printable version of this reading challenge below.

October Reading Challenge for Kids
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