10 Picture Books to Help Teach Kids About Being Brave

by Charnaie Gordon

As a parent, I’m always mindful to set good examples for my kids, while also teaching them valuable life lessons that will benefit them as adults. Like all parents and caregivers, I want my children to grow up and lead successful lives. Of course, there are countless things that lead to success and happiness, but I believe one of the most powerful is courage.

During the average person’s lifetime, they’ll experience successes, failures, rejections, and many unexpected turns. That’s why I think it’s important to instill courage in children from a young age and continuously expose them to safe opportunities where they can practice being brave in real-life scenarios.

Below, I’ve rounded up a list of picture books to help facilitate conversations about bravery and courage. These stories help kids understand that they’re strong, they can cope, and they’re not as fragile and small as they might sometimes feel.