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Growing Reader

11 Picture Books About Seasons Kids Will Adore

by Dena McMurdie

Books about seasons for kids

Summer is here! And that means green grass, blue skies (for the most part), and warm weather. Of course, every season offers something wonderful to enjoy. From the cool breezes of fall to the blooms of spring, and all the snow and sun in between, the change in seasons always brings something new.

Whether you like snowflakes or sunshine, fragrant blossoms or vibrant-colored leaves, here are 11 fantastic picture books that celebrate the splendor of all seasons.

  • Fall

  • Sophie’s Squash

    by Pat Zietlow Miller, illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf

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    When Sophie visits the farmer’s market, she picks out a squash that’s just the right size to love. She names it Bernice and the two of them have a wonderful time together until the weather turns colder and Bernice turns soft and spotted. Following the advice of a farmer, Sophie takes care of Bernice the best way she can — by burying her in the garden. This gently humorous book is a fall-time classic that kids (and parents) will love.

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  • Leif and the Fall

    by Allison Sweet Grant and Adam Grant, illustrated by Merrilee Liddiard

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    Autumn is closing in, and Leif the leaf is afraid to fall from the tree. Fearful of the plunge awaiting him, Leif comes up with creative ways to save himself from his fate. But all leaves fall from the trees they’re perched on and it’s only a matter of time before Leif is shaken loose. This sweet book about a leaf who is afraid to fall is the perfect autumn read.
    (On sale: 9/8/2020)

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