Against the Odds:
7 Picture Books About Incredible True Stories from U.S. History

by Kathryn Haydon

Children’s books that share a little-known piece of history, or shed light on a well-known event in a unique way, make learning history an adventure for kids, igniting their sense of discovery, sparking new questions, and prompting discussions. While the following nonfiction recommendations are by no means a comprehensive list of all time periods and events in U.S. history, the incredible, true stories they contain are sure to offer something new to kids who already love history and entice reluctant nonfiction readers who may need a little nudge. Accompanied by exquisite illustrations and photos, these picture books introduce children to some unsung heroes of history, showing them that individual actions can make a big difference.

Which picture books do your children love for their unique approach to telling true stories in American history?