Press Play:
8 of the Best Kids’ Lit Podcasts
(and a Few for Grown-Ups Too)

by Janssen Bradshaw

Have you heard? Podcasts are all the rage!

There’s something on every topic under the sun, which means, of course, that there is a good collection of podcasts on children’s literature (not to mention those for book-loving grown-ups too).

We’ve rounded up some of the very best, because the only thing better than listening to a good book is listening to people talk about those good books.

The Read-Aloud Revival
If you want to read to kids (whether that’s your own children, or in a classroom, library, or bookstore), this podcast is a must-listen. Check out episodes like “How to Read the Classics with Kids (Even If You’ve Never Read Them Before)” or “Reading to Kids with Special Needs.” With lots of interesting guests on the show who are experts in a variety of areas, plus tons of practical tips, you’ll love every episode.

All the Wonders
All the Wonders is a website produced and hosted by an incredible array of librarians, authors, and illustrators who all know and love children’s literature. Each week their podcast interviews an author or illustrator and if you thought you loved their books before, wait until you hear all the behind-the-scenes. (You can also check out their Picturebooking Podcast, which focuses on the creation of picture books and why they matter, for a slightly different spin on all things books.)

The Yarn
This is so different from other podcasts on this list because each season is devoted to dissecting a single book, looking at it from every possible angle — the author, the editor, the marketers, the reader. It’s like the book club of your dreams, basically.

Book Club for Kids
Book Club for Kids first started as a radio program for kids stuck in the car in traffic (smart!). Now a podcast, it features the same original host, radio journalist and children’s book author Kitty Felde, alongside a group of young readers who’ve come together to talk about a particular book. The award-winning podcast also includes a celebrity reading the book, as well as the book’s author who takes reader questions.

What Should I Read Next?
For grown-up book lovers, this is just the MOST fun podcast (although she does interview children from time to time, so it’s not only for adults). Every episode is an interview with a reader and they choose three books they love, one book they hate, and their current read, then Anne Bogel (known online as Modern Mrs. Darcy) chooses three book recommendations for them. Anne is incredibly well-read, a master at pinpointing similarities in books, and has a voice, as a friend of mine described it, “like rich dark chocolate.”

Curious City
I love this podcast because it often reviews a bunch of books on a similar topic, or talks about topics in children’s literature like diversity, fractured fairy tales, or WWII. The range is fascinating and will have you maxing out your library card in no time!

Are you looking for something to listen to while you drift off to sleep (or at least to help your child drift off to sleep)? This podcast has a soothing narrator who tells delightful stories — perfect for long car rides, a quiet afternoon at home, or a child who can’t fall asleep.

The Guardian Children’s Book Podcast
This one is fun because not only does it interview hugely popular authors, it lets young readers of all ages ask the questions. Don’t be surprised if your children beg to send in their own questions!

Brain Burps About Books
Are you the kind of reader who wants to know every detail behind the book? Where the idea came from? What each little illustration means? Then this is the podcast for you. And, if you’re an aspiring writer or illustrator, there are plenty of episodes devoted to this too!

Books on the Nightstand
If you want a podcast that will fill up your to-read list as fast as possible, this is the place to go. Aimed at grown-ups, you’ll come away from every episode with a dozen new titles you want to read immediately! Though they’re not making any more new episodes, with their 400 existing episodes, you’ll never be left without a book on your nightstand.


We’d love your recommendations too! As we all know, podcasts are best shared via word of mouth, so let us know what we should be subscribing to.