Printables and Activities for
Bird Lovers

by the Brightly Editors

Do you and your child love bird watching? Especially now, bird watching is a fun and engaging activity you can do from the comfort of your home or just outside your window. Keep the fun going with these printables and activities. To learn more about these beautiful and interesting creatures, dive into Misha Maynerick Blaise’s Crazy for Birds.

  • Activities

  • Assemble Your Own Bird

    An assemblage art piece is an object made from different pieces fitted together (in this case, paper shapes)! You can use different colored or patterned papers, magazine pages, or even paper that you’ve painted on.

  • Make Your Own Plastic Bottle Feeder

    Learn how to make your own feeder that will delight your new bird friends.

  • Learn the Birding Basics

    From how to bird watch to drawing a cartoon bird, this printable will help future birding enthusiasts get started.