Books Set on Every Continent & A Printable Reading Activity

by the Brightly Editors

Kids can travel around the world through the pages of a book! Explore our reading lists by continent and download our printable map to keep track of all the amazing places your young reader discovers as they start learning about new places, cultures, and so much more!

  • Book Lists by Continent

  • Africa

    There is something for every adventurer looking to explore Africa: from the long rivers to the high mountains, the wildlife-filled plains to the Egyptian deserts with ancient pyramids.

  • Antarctica and the Arctic

    If you’re looking to explore the icy far reaches of both ends of the planet through literature, check out this list of books set in the Arctic and Antarctica for all ages.

  • Asia

    From tales drawing upon magical folklore to stories honoring ancient customs, these entertaining books allow kids to experience the wonders of Asia without leaving their home.

  • Australia and Oceania

    You don’t have to travel all the way to Australia and the rest of Oceania to experience the beauty and cultures found on this continent in the Southern Hemisphere. Dive into the habitat, landmarks, and indigenous culture with your kids through these books.

  • Europe

    The books set in Europe’s countries often call up its many legends and heroes, and peek into the history that shaped European citizens and much of the world.

  • North America

    Even if your kids currently call North America their home, there’s so much more than their own country to explore. These books will send children on a continent-wide adventure!

  • South America

    This reading list delves into the beauty of South America; its rich culture, heritage, and people live on the pages of these books.

  • Downloadable Map Reading Activity

  • Kids can keep track of books they’ve read that are set on each continent and learn more about the world through this printable.

Read Around the World Printable (Size: 8.5 x 11 inches)
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Read Around the World Printable (Size: 8.5 x 14 inches)
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