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Baby & Toddler


Richard Scarry Printables & Activities

by the Brightly Editors


Jump into these delightful activities featuring everyone’s favorite residents of Busytown! Whether coloring with Lowly Worm and Huckle Cat or playing hide-and-seek with Goldbug, there is something for every Richard Scarry fan to enjoy.

  • Let’s Color!

    Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm are on their way to school. Color in the picture with all of your favorite colors!

  • Busy World Rhymes!

    Circle the pictures that rhyme in each row and then color them all in.

  • Cars and Trucks on the Go!

    The Pig family is trying to get home, but they keep getting lost. Solve the maze through Busytown and help the Pig family arrive home safely.

  • Busytown Word Search!

    This word search contains the names of everyone’s favorite Busytown friends. Find their names and draw a circle around each one.

  • Find Goldbug!

    Goldbug loves to play hide-and-seek all over Busytown! Draw a circle around Goldbug in each picture.